Our Investment Thesis

We believe that increasing demand and limited supply for residential houses in the fast-growing sunbelt markets will provide exceptional investment opportunities for:

- Inflation Protection
- Decent Yield
- Upside Potential
- Relative Stability in a Volatile Market

Inflation Protection

Decent Yield

Upside Potential

Relative Stability in a Volatile Market

  • Diverse real estate experience and connections allows us to dynamically respond to evolving markets
  • Relationships with local and corporate players enable access to unique opportunities
  • Strategies that minimize leverage on parts of development projects that have high timeline uncertainties will reduce the likelihood of any capital shortage
  • Collaboration with reputable real estate developers will bring good control on operational risks such as contingencies and accidents
  • On rental properties, only those expected to have a comfortable margin of monthly cash flow will be invested
  • On rental property investment, while eventual existing property price is the biggest driving factor, net current cap rate, and projected rent, tax and other expenses also are important factors in the investment decisions
  • A mixed investment return timeline profile allows us to benefit both from short time surge and long-term appreciation of home prices, as well as demands on all levels of homes
  • Using gauged leverage with competitive debt rate
  • The large scale of projects opens bulk-sized lending from various institutions from traditional banks to life insurance companies to the ABS market for cheap funding
  • The large-scale holding in single-family home communities allows us to go beyond third-party property management companies to either setting up our own management team, or partnering with local affiliated property management operations to ensure economical, effective and high-quality service

Our Comparative Advantages

Data Analytics

  • Unique in-house database containing details of all recent-years and rent properties for target markets
  • Comprehensive market intelligence technology and modeling to estimate future home values and predict trends
  • Transparent underwriting process for investors

Investor Services

  • Secure investor portal login from any device, anytime with state-of-the-art protection to ensure privacy and safety
  • Online access to investor statements, performance statements, tax statements, and other documents at any time
  • Up-to-date reports with transparent information on the progress of residential development, details of invested properties, and the status of all projects and investments


Most frequent questions and answers

Our potential investors are High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), family offices, and institutional investors.

Committed capital is the total amount that you agree to contribute to the capital. Called capital is the amount of capital that an investor transfers to the fund each time.

Until you receive your principal and 8.0% compounded return annually on called capital, the management team will not receive a performance fee of 20.0%.

Very likely. The distribution amount may count towards a call.

The fund management fee is calculated based on called capital, NOT committed capital.

For interested investors, please contact us and we will get back to you with more information about the project details and the investment process.